who are these folk? – the full story



Have you ever felt that most people seem to be unwilling or even unable to talk about or even think about meaningful things? This is observed by many, many people who think (or know) that there is more to life than the current materialist “status quo”.

This might read like we’re about to dump all of our ideas onto you and expect you to convert to whatever we’re trying to push. But especially today, when our freedoms have restricted and our ways of learning are becoming more and more authoritarian, the freedom of an individual is extremely important.

Truth is something that can be found essentially only in freedom, by individuals who actually want to find it. You’ve probably been told before what to believe without being given the chance to think about it. Did you keep that belief? There are two main reasons if you didn’t; firstly, your freedom was abridged, and secondly, it might not have been true.

We are a community of, for lack of a better description, people who look just that little bit deeper with the purpose of finding truth and progressing on an individual and community level via using (but not limited to) the theory and practice presented by Rudolf Steiner.

The thing that sets us (and anthroposophy) apart from the rest is that we recognise the fact that each individual has the right and/or duty to come to the truth on their own, thinking with intellect, thinking with emotion, thinking with intuition and thinking with previous experiences. 

We can’t fully explain what Anthroposophy is all about in a short paragraph (i don’t think anybody can), the best way to understand these ideas (and also other ideas, we’re not bound to anthroposophy because we’re not a cult, we have no dogma, truth and freedom go hand in hand and the community reflects this) is to talk to people about them.

One of our aims is to bring these insights to more people, giving them the chance to come to their own conclusions and better themselves, even if they decide to only take away one or two things. Or nothing, at least someone thought about something they might not have thought about otherwise.

If you want to join the discord community click the button on the homepage, all are welcome (we really mean it, unlike many other groups), so see you there!

science can no more reject the results of supersensible perceptions than the blind can reject the statements of the sighted about the world of color… they simply declare: ‘What we see, that is the only truth and what is not investigated our way, that is not true, is unscientific.’

rudolf steiner


but what about…


Essentially every single claim about racism being “baked-in” to Steiner’s work does not come from truth, mostly from sensationalist articles who just want another click.

Steiner actually said that modern races are essentially completely irrelevant, as previously the different races (or species) had actual, important differences, we are now simply humans.

You can’t speak about unity among humans, and the human soul while holding racist views too. That just doesn’t make sense. Either Anthroposophy is racist and contradicts itself, or it isn’t and it makes sense. We don’t think it is.

People sometimes use a concept called “the hierarchies” to say that Steiner was racist, but “hierarchies” is a term for specific kinds of spiritual beings and has literally nothing to do with placing humans above or below others.

Mistranslations and quotes without context are mostly to blame, but many news articles don’t actually cite any sources at all! 

The wide majority of Anthroposophists are not racist, and the ones who are racist or bigoted are not welcomed by the anthroposophical community, and are outright not allowed in the Rosefolk.

We stand steadfast against bigotry, and also these unfounded accusations. Further information and articles on this topic are to be released in the very near future.

pseudoscience in medicine?

First and foremost, Steiner lived about a hundred years ago. He said that mainstream science should not just be rejected because it is mainstream, what’s true is true. Anthroposophists do not think that all mainstream medicine is “evil” just because it’s mainstream.

Steiner was at the cutting edge of medicine at his time, and he presented many treatments and therapies to be complimentary to mainstream medicine and to treat the whole human, including its non-physical bodies without neglecting the physical.

This is a big topic (so are all of these) and cannot be summed up in a quick paragraph. Feel free to talk about this further in the Discord.


While people may take Steiner’s word as dogma and follow it without thinking, this is not what he wanted at all. He asserted that truth should be revered over people, he rejected gifts that people gave him because he didn’t want to be revered, and he talked about many times how people need to come to their own conclusions, and how dogma is not a healthy thing in spiritual thought.

He never wanted anyone to believe what he said blindly.

Steiner talked all the time about freedom, the freedom which people should have in terms of thought.

This is why no good Anthroposophist will try to convert you or make you take anything blindly as fact. Someone who blindly believes cannot really progress in these things. You must learn in freedom and come to the truth.

is rosefolk anthroposophical?

Kind of, but this answer is less straightforward than one might think. It is anthroposophical, in the sense that we use anthroposophical design and the leadership holds anthroposophical values in terms of where the project goes.

It’s not in the sense that every member has to “believe” anthroposophy to be a member, it’s also not in the sense that every member is an anthroposophist. While we hold study groups on anthroposophy and publish anthroposophical content, we believe that everyone should think things through properly and come to their own conclusions on things.


what’s the point?

We think that what we have here is super important. It effects individuals, but also the whole world, and in the last ten or so years, (almost entirely) because of the internet and its prevalence, combined with many anthroposophists being unable or unwilling to use the internet, anthroposophy has declined in visibility as of late.

This kind of stuff is not being done well anywhere else (step up your game Goetheanum (pls contact me i would be willing to help)) so out of that need came the rosefolk! We want to do good in the world and at least try to change it, and some people’s lives while we’re at it. (Emphasis on the word try, we’re not delusional)

who Can join?


As long as you have a genuine interest in the world, and won’t spoil it for other people, you’re welcome to join the community.

You don’t have to believe anything to join, and you won’t have to believe anything to continue being a member.

can i help out?

Of course! We are looking for influencers and other spiritual communities to partner with, people to run study groups, people to run social media, and essentially anything else!

If you have a serious interest in helping out, and if you also have an area in which you could help out, we’d be more than happy to have you!



What events do you have?

We have many events and groups, and even more are on the way. Check out the updates page for information about the newest and upcoming events in the community.

Alongside one-time events, we do run (and are hoping to run more in the future) regular groups on topics and books. Some of these are recorded and edited for YouTube.



Is rosefolk safe for _____?

Yes. We are incredibly accepting and even though you may have seen hatred floating around in similar circles, we don’t accept hatred or bigotry of any kind.



how Do i partner with rf?

If you are an influencer or have a discord server or (not for profit) organisation we would be more than happy to partner with you. Either email us at the address below or join the community and just ask. 

All partnership entails is the mutual announcement of partnership, and the mutual sharing of links in our spaces. We would also promote each other’s events, but this is not a necessity.



Who are the team?

The team are comprised of people all across the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, all with something different to bring to to the table. This sounds kind of cheesy, but it is actually true.

how do we work?

the “rose council”

The rose council is the leadership of the project. While we wouldn’t like to be so heirarchical, the nature of the project means that we need to be centralised to some degree.

If you don’t like this, go and make your own community. This isn’t a snide remark, we’re being serious! If you can help some people out and create something good while you’re at it, do it!

the “general stahelpen”

The general stahelpen is the “center” of the rosefolk. It’s essentially the admin department. It’s purpose is to delegate properly, and come up with fresh new ideas to grow and enrich the folk.

It also will make new “divisions” of rosefolk depending on the needs of the ever-evolving community. Fun fact; The Kibbo Kift used the word “Stahelpen” to mean “Staff Department” to the initial confusion of many.

the “rose guild”

The rose guild is the invaluable “corps” of people who run and help out RF’s events and groups, people who work on things that are needed.

They also help out with social media and public outreach, something which is (or will be) the most important work that we do. 


changing individuals

Rosefolk’s work with groups and the platform it provides for meaningful discussion means that anyone, if they agree with us or not, can hopefully find something that changes them for the better.

changing the world

Allowing for discussion and outreach work on the state of the world allows for (hopefully) the progressions and positive development of the world via the democratic process.