We are happy to announce a new course on biodynamic farming and gardening! It will be 100% free and live on Discord (though it will be recorded for those who miss it). This course is intended for beginners, but all can attend there are no prerequisites or expectations, come in and see what happens! The first installment will be on Monday, 15th of April, at 8PM GMT (the event page in discord shows the time in your timezone) and will reoccur approximately every other week. We hope to see you there!    Join the Discord  

  Join us as we look at Self Awareness, one of the most important things to cover in today’s society, but also one of the most difficult to touch on. For a brief overview of the topics covered in the workshop, read this article. This group is aimed at everyone, from beginners to the advanced alike.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the community. If you’re interested, click the button below. Like all of our events, this group is free. The group is on april 11 (!!the banner is incorrect, it is on the 11th!!) at

The Rudolf Steiner Archive recently announced that they now have a bookshop! It’s all online, selling old (seemingly quite underpriced) books by Rudolf Steiner and related authors. They previously only delivered inside the US, but now they ship internationally. If you want to buy books or not, give it a look. They have some very cool stuff and it’s for a good cause as all profits go back into supporting the archive and charity. The quote on the right is how the SOL describes itself. If you’re interested, click the button below.   Read More “Steiner Online Library is a

  We are happy to announce a new course coming straight from the heart of the Rosefolk. Many others, including the Goetheanum have attempted to make introductory courses to anthroposophy, but most fall victim to either being nonsensical to those who don’t know much about the subject, or costing far, far too much for anyone who is just interested to justify paying for. This year, the Rosefolk hope to remedy this. We are creating a course called Spiritual Science 101 that will explain a lot, in ways that make sense. For free. Course content will be firstly recorded live in

  Join us as we read through Rudolf Steiner’s “the Philosophy of Freedom” and attempt to unlock the doors to knowledge and understanding of freedom and spiritual activity. We will be meeting every Tuesday at 7PM GMT to look at this book in more detail. All are welcome! (and we actually mean that) Occult Science is a book by the philosopher and esotericist Rudolf Steiner. The book covers (as the title suggests) freedom, what it is and how to get there (among other things). This group is aimed at everyone, from beginners to the advanced alike.  If you have any

mission statement (second edition) In these last 10 years, Anthroposophy has almost stagnated, with old and ineffective forms of “marketing” being used by seemingly everyone involved. This has also lead to many people not having the correct spaces to discuss Anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner, alongside wild and unsubstantiated claims spreading like wildfire, claims of racism and pseudoscience, to name a few. The Rosefolk is a project in pursuit of these five goals;   Present Anthroposophy to those interested, specifically the youth and those interested in spiritual ideas but simply have never came across it before. It will

This question is a very, very big one. Steiner wrote many, many books and gave many, many lectures trying to explain a comprehensive and spiritual-scientific worldview. Obviously to explain it and the methods used to get to the conclusions would be a massive task, and to attempt that would be a whole series of articles in itself, we also understand that lots of Steiner’s work is rendered inaccessible due to wording, formatting, et cetera. So everything considered, (this is a very simplified thing, every single sentence and concept mentioned has hours and hours of content behind it and obviously cannot

  The Rosefolk Beginner’s Group is a free group that mainly focuses on basic and introductory spiritual exercises and concepts, delivered in a way that beginners can understand but even the advanced can enjoy and benefit from. There is no obligation to do anything, or even to speak! While we mainly will focus on the Six Basic Exercises and anthroposophical spiritual practice, all are welcome to share their own practices and ideas on what we should do next. The group is every Saturday at 8PM GMT. for information about the event in your time zone join the Discord and check

  Join us as we explore Rudolf Steiner’s “An Outline of Occult Science” (also called Esoteric Science) and attempt to unlock the doors to spiritual knowledge and understanding. We will be meeting every thursday at 7PM GMT to look at this book in more detail. All are welcome! (and we actually mean that) Occult Science is a book by the esotericist and highly developed seer/clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner. The book covers (as the title suggests) occultism and spiritual practice in a scientific way, something not done by many other writers. This group is aimed at for beginners to ease you into

  The Six Basic Exercises are, as the name suggests; six basic exercises for mental and spiritual development and self improvement. They are one of the first steps in the anthroposophical path to a better and more spiritual life. We will meet this Sunday, February 4th 11AM Pacific . You’ll have to join discord to join the meeting, Here’s a link with the group invite and more information. https://discord.com/invite/TpBYzFhK?event=1201707876536827924 Here’s a short video on 6 basic exercises; https://youtu.be/rvDqKRqqLJE?si=dO4Tky8zsNfHU-xh Here’s a link to the book; The Six Basic Exercises https://tomvangelder.antrovista.com/pdf/basic.pdf The group is geared towards beginners but anyone can be there.

  The Rosefolk Althing is something of an AGM (annual general meeting), come the althing we will have many flourishing groups and branches, who will come and present findings, lectures, art, and everything else! It will be a celebration of our achivements thus far, and a look into the future as we’ll also be presenting our plan for the next year, to reflect on at althing 25! If you’re already a member, it’s a good chance to hear about and discuss your opinions on what’s happening with the community, and if you’re new it will be a good chance to be