For those with no idea where to start

Discord Group

Discussion Community – Rosefolk

“The Rosefolk are a loose, free group of people who are connected in their interest for the things that actually matter. Our main topic of focus is the spiritual, teaching and discussing openly all different paths and forms that the esoteric can come in. By presenting these different things, we hope to give people the free choice to find what’s right for them and hopefully have a positive impact on their life and spiritual development so far”

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Free Online Book

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts – RSarchive

“[The Leading Thoughts] in a way summarize, in highly concentrated form, the whole of anthroposophy. Each essay ends with a short summary of its contents and these are known as the Leading Thoughts”

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Six Basic Exercises – LeadTogether

“Rudolf Steiner gave six exercises which are fundamental to his meditative work.“ The Six Basic Exercises are intended as core, supplementary practices “on the side” of whatever spiritual path you are on..

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Web App

Windows of the Goetheanum – Antrovista

“On New Year’s Eve of 1922/1923, the First Goetheanum was destroyed by arson.

The AntroVista web app gives you an impression of these lost art treasures.”

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Who Was Steiner? – The Goetheanum

“Rudolf Steiner was born on February 27, 1861 in what is now Croatia and died on March 30, 1925 in Dornach, Switzerland. Words to describe the work of Rudolf Steiner: unusual – not easy to approach – filled with stimulating ideas.

His monumental projects of drafting an alternative science, a new pedagogy, new perspectives in medicine and agriculture have entered into the spiritual heritage of the present time.

They live in today’s cultural life as an impulse and an inspiration. The philosopher, scientist and Goethe scholar Rudolf Steiner developed anthroposophy as a “science of the spirit.” An individual path of spiritual development… its fruits are visible in art, social forms and practical initiatives.”

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What should I read first? – RSarchive

“With twenty-seven books and thousands of lectures to choose from, it can be daunting to begin.”

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The Human “I” – Free man Creator

“The human I [or ego]… sets Man apart from all other kingdoms of nature: animals, plants, minerals do not have an I-consciousness.”

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Get Steiner Books – Rudolf Steiner Press

“We are an independent publisher and registered charity dedicated to making available the work of Rudolf Steiner in English translation.”

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Learning Platform

Courses – Rosefolk learn

“ is a platform for everyone, no prerequisites (or even an account!) are needed to start learning if you want to. We host Spiritual Science 101, Rosefolk’s flagship course alongside other courses and writings, all for 100% free.

Currently, we only have a couple of things on the site, but the collection is growing and will continue to do so! If you have any ideas, or would like to do a course yourself, please reach out!“

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Anthroposophical Wiki

Wiki – Anthrowiki 

“The aim of these pages is to build up an encyclopedic presentation of the anthroposophical spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner. It is based on our German edition, which has been online since 2004 and now contains more than 16,000 articles.”

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Online Directory

List of Anthroposophical Websites – 

“List [of] organizations, schools, resources, people and group in different countries in various fields inspired by Anthroposophy. Connecting people and resources of the global Anthroposophical community for a better present and future.”

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