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Rudolf Steiner Archive – Intro



“During the last two decades of the nineteenth century, the Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) became a respected and well-published scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, particularly known for his work on Goethe’s scientific writings. After the turn of the century, he began to develop his earlier philosophical principles into an approach to methodical research of psychological and spiritual phenomena. With twenty-seven books and thousands of lectures to choose from, it can be daunting to begin.”


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Free man creator – wiki



“The intention of this site is to be a front-end portal to the Free Man Creator project and provide more details about this initiative to interested parties. The FMC project consists of integrated digital materials on spiritual science in english, over 15000 pages, hundreds of tables and thousands of illustrations and schematics…

What matters is not quantity but quality of insightful information that can be shared so it is useful for earnest students of spiritual science. This is ultimately the aim of the initiative…”


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anthrowiki – wiki



“The aim of these pages is to build up an encyclopedic presentation of the anthroposophical spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner. It is based on our German edition, which has been online since 2004 and now contains more than 16,000 articles. The development of the English version of AnthroWiki began in February 2021. Accordingly, only a few items are available at the moment. However, we are making every effort to quickly advance the development of AnthroWiki.”


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“Anthroposophy is a modern spiritual path that cherishes and respects the freedom of each individual. It recognises however, that real freedom is actually an inner capacity that can only be obtained by degrees according to the spiritual development of the individual. The striving for this capacity, and the corresponding spiritual development, can be greatly assisted through a scientific study of the spiritual nature of humanity and the universe. Such a study is available in the writings and lectures of Rudolf Steiner – an initiate of the twentieth century. Steiner called his study – spiritual research or Anthroposophy.”


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r/anthroposophy – subreddit



“The hub for all things Anthroposophy, the spiritual philosophy of Rudolf Steiner that aims to develop an understanding of the spiritual world and humanity’s place within it. A community platform for all to discuss and ask questions.”


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reverse ritual – blog



“The Reverse Ritual has its origins in the realm of the highest, deepest & most comprehensive world reality in which the human being, the gods, & the cosmos existentially live, weave, & are present.”


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