introducing Circles!

The Rosefolk community is divided into Circles, those who interact in the community regularly are automatically given access to new Circles. The purpose of this is not to hide knowledge, but to provide spaces where people can talk about things that are more personal without each message being sent to hundreds of random people. 


Outer Circle, 1st Circle, 2d Circle, 3d Circle, Innermost or Central

Outer Circle

The Outer Circle is the general Rosefolk area, open always to all those who wish to join. It is divided into two sections;

red roses

The Red Rose section is specifically dedicated to worldly things like art, society, and music.

white roses

The White Rose section is specifically dedicated to the extra-physical, like spiritual theory and practice

first circle

The first circle does not have any specific topic, but is restricted to those who have spoken in text or voice for a reasonable amount of time, this can be achived in the first week of joining

second circle

The Second Circle is essentially the same as the First Circle, but the bar of entry is a little higher.

third circle

The Third Circle is the same as the First and Second Circles, but the barrier of entry is again a bit higher. Access to the numbered circles is given automatically and once you have access to one of these Circles, unlocking another won’t take away your access to prior ones.

innermost circle

Access to the Innermost Circle is given to the most trusted members of the Rosefolk and grants them access to the Innermost or Central circle, the area in which new developments and important community matters are discussed. Being an “Innermoster” also gives you access to all prior Circles.