The Rosefolk Althing is something of an AGM (annual general meeting), come the althing we will have many flourishing groups and branches, who will come and present findings, lectures, art, and everything else!

It will be a celebration of our achivements thus far, and a look into the future as we’ll also be presenting our plan for the next year, to reflect on at althing 25!

If you’re already a member, it’s a good chance to hear about and discuss your opinions on what’s happening with the community, and if you’re new it will be a good chance to be introduced to the rosefolk. 

The Althing takes place on Whitsun, just like the Kibbo Kift did it. In 2024 it lands on Sunday, May 19th at 8PM GMT. If you want to come, click the button below;


I’m Interested